Daybreak In Dixie Playlist March 11, 2018
With Host David Blakney

Celebrating the Ladies of Bluegrass.

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Label Artist Track Album
Shar Lin Emory Lester Daybreak In Dixie Jerusalem Ridge
Columbia Bill Monroe Footprints In The Snow The Essential…
Rounder Laurie Lewis Who Will Watch The Home Place True Stories
Rounder Lynn Morris  Mama's Hand Mama's Hand
Rounder Rhonda Vincent Kentucky Borderline One Step Ahead
Compass Claire Lynch Dear Sister Dear Sister
Rounder Alison Krauss The Lucky One plus Union Station Live
Pinecastle Dale Ann Bradley Going Back To Kentucky S/T
Farm Boy Kenny & Amanda Smith Unbound Unbound
Dark Shadow Becky Buller Southern Flavor Tween Earth and Sky
Mtn. Home Darin & Brooke Aldridge Someday Soon Faster and Father
FT Foxtail Broken Hearts For Sale Farms For Sale
C23 Concession 23 What Will Become of Me Walter & Alice
Pine Road Jan Purcell All Canadian Bluegrass Girl Pickin' Live
WL Winterline Roots S/T
Mtn. Home Kristin Scott Benson Great Waterton Stringworks
Blue Circle Sonya Isaacs Walking Through Bethlehem Pickin' Like A Girl
Blue Circle Jeanette Williams Get In The Boat Pickin' Like A Girl
Rounder Alison Krauss & The Cox Fam. Will There Be Any Stars  I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
Rounder Alison Krauss & The Cox Fam. Never Will Give Up I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
Rounder Alison Krauss A Living Prayer Lonely Runs Both Ways
Live Oak Kathy Kallick Count Your Blessings Count Your Blessings
Live Oak Kathy Kallick Daniel Prayed Count Your Blessings
RJ Rescue Junction Echoes Echoes
OHCD Bill Grant & Delia Bell Ashamed To Own The Savior Sacred Songs Through The Years
JRM Janet McGarry Light At The River He Will Bring You Home
UM Rhonda Vincent Feel Closer to Heaven Everyday Sunday Mornin' Singin' Live!
UM Rhonda Vincent Silent Partner Sunday Mornin' Singin' Live!
Rounder Sierra Hull Stranded Weighted Mind
Compass Molly Tuttle Lightning In A Jar S/T
Pinecastle Edgar Loudermilk It's A Way Of Life That Stands The Test of Time Single
Pinecastle Edgar Loudermilk Trains Can't Turn Around Georgia Maple
Pinecastle Edgar Loudermilk Until Your Love Brings Me Back Georgia Maple
Pinecastle Edgar Loudermilk My Kentucky Home Georgia Maple
SFW Hazel Dickens & Alice Gerrard Won't You Come and Sing For Me Pioneering Women of Bluegrass
Pinecastle Missey Raines & Jim Hurst Stinky Pye Two
Rebel Mark Newton Follow Me Back To The Fold Follow Me Back To The Fold
Blue Circle Dale Ann Bradley et al Go Back To The Well Back To The Well
Blue Circle Various Proud To Be A Daughter of Bluegrass Bluegrass Bouquet
HR Hard Ryde Constant Fears Step By Step
Slab Town April Verch Bring Your Clothes Back Home The Newpart
JRM Janet McGarry When The Bluegrass Is Covered With Snow Forever is the Love
Pinecastle Sister Sadie Unholy Water S/T
Blue Circle Daughters of Bluegrass Pickin' Like A Girl Pickin' Like A Girl
Blue Circle Daughters of Bluegrass Hound Dog Blues Pickin' Like A Girl
UT Coon Creek Girls Banjo Pickin' Girl N/A
Pinecastle New Coon Creek Girls Westbound Train Ain't Love A Good Thing
Rounder Lynn Morris Band You'll Get No More of Me S/T
Pinecastle Pettitcoat Junction I Want To Be Loved Lonely Old Depot
RF Rebecca Frazier Virginia Coastline When We Fall
Heritage  Country Rebels Rebels Ye Rest Bluegrass Roads
BM Blacks Mountain Blacks Mountain Home Home
HG HoneyGrass Those Memories She's Running Wild
Rebel Price Sisters If I'm Gonna Be Lonely A Heart Never Knows
Rebel Price Sisters Singing My Troubles Away A Heart Never Knows
Mtn. Fever Gold Heart Ain't That Crazy Places I've Been
Mtn. Fever Kristy Cox Ricochet Ricochet
Mtn. Home Donna Ulisse Back Home Feelin' Again Breakin' Easy
Pinecastle Kim Robins Raining In Baltimore Raining In Baltimore
Rounder Della Mae Take One Day S/T
LUK Rebekah Long Georgia Bound Run Away
Mtn. Fever Summer Brooke Lazy River Small Town Life
Mtn. Fever Amanda Cook Cry , Cry Darlin' Deep Water
Mtn. Fever  ClayBank Queen of Carolina No Escape
Mtn. Fever ClayBank No Escape No Escape
Mtn. Fever Dave Adkins Him & West Virginia Right Or Wrong
Rounder  Ricky Skaggs Get Up John Bluegrass Rules!