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Prairie Siding was formed from members of the Essex-Kent Bluegrass, Oldtime & Folk Music Association to represent bluegrass music at Association and community events.  Two band members, Stan Sullivan and David Blakney, are founding members of the Association and started performing together when the Association was formed in 1987 and later joined by Don MacAulay.  When the Association started a Bluegrass Concert Series in 1990, there was a need for an opening band to front the featured acts from the US bluegrass heartland.  Prairie Siding filled that need.


Over the years there have been some member changes to accommodate schedules and personal commitments.  The current members are Stan Sullivan & David Blakney joined on occasion by guests for limited special events.


Prairie Siding’s repertoire is strongly traditional, drawing on the old standards of Bill Monroe, Flatt & Scruggs, the Stanley Brothers and Jimmy Martin for much of it’s material, with the emphasis on vocal harmony.


Prairie Siding has performed for the Seniors’ RBC Jubilee at the Cleary Auditorium in Windsor and at Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto and festivals around Ontario.


Prairie Siding is represented on the North To Ontario recordings 2006 & 2009 and has a Sampler CD with five original songs: 1950 Studebaker, Prodigal Son, Moma's Roses, The Last Stand and Whiskey & Wine.