2017 CJAM Fall Fundraiser     Updated 10/30/17

The Fall Fundraiser is set for October 20 through October 27.  Daybreak In Dixie Pledge day will be Sunday October 22nd.  As in past years, pledgers will receive a bluegrass CD for every 25 dollar paid pledge, plus a bonus CD (Chris Hillman – Bidin’ My Time) for pledges of $100 or more.  Pledges paid by credit card are considered paid when the card information is provided, but cash and cheque payments must be received to qualify for the CD premium and can be given to me in person or mailed to David Blakney, Box 153, South Woodslee, ON N0R 1V0 or, if from the USA, to Box 32133, Detroit, MI 48232 .  Also as in past years, the Daybreak In Dixie Pledge Drive Crew will be in the CJAM studio to take your pledge Sunday October 22nd from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon.  Tune in to FM99.1 or listen on line at www.cjam.ca and call 519-971-3630 with your pledge to support Bluegrass on the radio.  Advance pledges welcome.   

The Pledge Incentive Lists are posted on the Canada South Bluegrass website.  The 2017 Pledge Incentive List and the Larry McDaniel Collection.

Pre-Pledgers: Clairmont Ward, Mario & Ann Meloche, Shirley Robbins, Bob & Marg Trott, Ron Jubenville, Ken Bondy & Matt Merta.

Total: $380

Pledge Day Crew: Bev MacAulay, Shirley Robbins, Clairmont Ward & Richard Wigfield.

Pledge Day Pledgers: Phil Labbe, Paul Wittmer, Ron Ward, Richard Wigfield, Dennis Wilson, Margaret & Allan Kramer, Bev MacAulay, David Allchurch, Guillaume Chapman, Albert Morency, Monica Murphy, Judy Reed, Ken Skinner, Dan Wigfield, Randy Cyr, Sheila & Walter Klaczko, Richard Kosty, Robert Laframboise, Leslie Louell, Gerald McCabe and Betty Vollmer & Bill Moldouvan. 

Total: $2120

Post-Pledgers: EKBOFMA, Ernst Munger, Larry Lott, Gord & Sharon Geauvreau, Alice Daglian, Gabe & Joyce Gagnon and Suzanne Charbonneau.

Total: $425

Grand Total: $2925               35 Pledgers